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Simone Young 




I am the founder and MONEY COACH at Her Wealth Counts also known as HWC. 


I previously was a licensed financial planner with over 10 years experience working with many clients from all walks of life who were taking control of their financial circumstances and taking steps to financial freedom. In 2019 I made a life changing decision to step down as a financial adviser and instead concentrate my skills and passions on helping clients become better money managers through education and through my coaching programs. 


It become abundantly clear that not all clients need specialist financial advice but rather needed help in better understanding why they were struggling with managing their money and debts. By implementing proven strategies through my programs to get them out of debt and into a positive money mindset.


By recognising this gap, our aim is to offer support and guidance to a wider group of our community by addressing the one fundamental issue, that being lack of money management skills.  Her Wealth Counts offers a unique experience for clients we do this by removing the stigma and fear society has around talking about money and instead give our community the tools they need to excel in managing money. I am determined to bridge this gap, doing this through education and building a community where we engage all members to get smart about money and own their financial future.


Financial coaching and money management are my passions. Over the years having worked in various roles in financial services, I firmly believe this has given me the framework to understand what it means to be a trusted adviser.


It’s tremendously fulfilling to work with my clients to help them make good decisions towards achieving their life goals. I know I’m successful when money becomes a positive influence in their lives.
Having a positive attitude, being committed to my clients and having the ability to listen to their wants and desires has allowed me to build successful long-lasting relationships. Regular personal contact is paramount to the success and longevity of any client relationship.

In my experience, the real challenge lies in seeing the bigger picture and analysing all the working parts. It helps my clients clarify the path to their financial goals. It's about being more than just an adviser; lets us show you how you too can overcome your fears around money and empower you with the financial future you deserve.


That is what I am about and the values of HWC.