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Our Story

your money coach and mentor


At Her Wealth Counts we’re all about helping our clients develop and grow into brilliant wealth managers. We want to work with you in designing your financial roadmap and giving you the tools to make strong confident financial decisions no matter at what stage of life you are at.

We are the team who will work with you to help you understand how to best manage your money and develop a clear, simple financial plan. At Her Wealth Counts, we are all about getting to know you, finding out what makes you tick, then giving you the tools to be your own #moneyboss.

So if you’re tired of finding yourself on your very own money merry-go-round, never really knowing who to get help from or what you need help with.


Be your #moneyboss and get in touch today, we’d love to hear from you.

Let’s face it we’re not for everyone, but we are confident that if you are still reading this then we hope you’ve had your #lightbulbmoment - so don’t procrastinate, drop us a line and start your journey to financial freedom.

And being a team that thrives on using technology in everything we do, means if you don’t live in Melbourne, it won’t matter – we are here no matter where you are!


We can’t wait to connect!