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Our Clients

If your reading this, you have taken the first step in taking charge of your finances. Which is amazing!

Our clients come from all walks of life but what links them all together is their desire to better their financial situation and own their financial future.


We are by no means your typical planner, we bring a unique way in how we engage our clients to get right down to the nitty gritty, this is the only way to deliver real results and in turn empower our clients to take charge of their finances. This is important to us.


Gen x | Gen y | baby boomers

We know women in particular under rate themselves as being amazing money managers, it comes down to how we look at money – our mindsets. That is why at Her Wealth Counts we have designed specific advice solutions targeting Gen Y’s and Gen X'ers as well as solutions for the more financially savvy clients entering or in retirement.


Gen Y


Gen Y - young millennial professionals in the middle of making huge life decisions. At Her Wealth Counts we believe that your 20s and 30s are one of the best times to seek financial planning help in order to build a secure financial foundation for your future.

It’s about setting up great money habits, building a #rockstar portfolio and delivering results so that you can enjoy the years ahead and better yet be the ones who have choices.

We know Gen Yers or Millennials, are highly engaged in seeking financial advice that is relevant to their situation. They are not interested in how things were done nor are they interested in advice that their parents got.

This is why at Her Wealth Counts we have designed a solution that not only gets right to the core of what Gen Ys are wanting as advice but uses technology as a means to help deliver that advice. Its about engaging, empowering and educating you to help you find your financial freedom along with arming you with handy tools to ensure you make strong confident financial decisions at whatever stage of life you are at.



Gen X


Gen X - financial planning for the boss generation. You’re well and truly at that stage in our life where you’re acutely aware of how often those birthdays keep rolling around – and now you’ve had your #lightbulbmoment where you want to get your finances sorted. We are in the business of helping you take charge of your finances and getting you closer to financial freedom.

The great thing, is that there is no better time to start your financial journey!

Our full impact ‘the works’ solution is designed for you in mind. We cover off all the things you will need to super charge your journey from figuring out your financial mess, building achievable goals, smashing your budgets to developing comprehensive financial strategies – we will help you become #financiallyfree.