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10 Important tips for business owners
When most people think of negative gearing, they think of property. But negative gearing can occur with any asset for which some or all of the purchase price is borrowed. This article provides a worked example of negative gearing using an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) to buy a diversified portfolio of shares.
Know your NET worth
A woman who does not understand her own personal net worth and its full picture may not improve her financial position despite her bulldog determination to do so. In fact, you can’t go any further with your financial goals until you figure out how much you got in the first place.
5 common financial mistakes made in your 40s
In this article we discuss 5 common financial mistakes we see people make in their 40's
Pay off my mortgage or contribute to super
One of the most popular questions we are asked by our clients is whether it’s best to pay off their mortgage first or salary sacrifice money into their super fund – or can they do both? The answer.....
Tips on buying a home
Ready to make the leap from renting to buying a home? Well, before you begin the search for your perfect home there are lots of questions to find answers to. Here are some of the big ones.
What you ought to know about compound interest
Compounding will make your money grow at a faster rate than simply having interest paid to your directly. In this article, let’s discuss the concept of compound interest and its importance in financial planning
9 golden rules to investing
While markets are performing well it’s easy to sit back and watch investments rise in value. However it’s a different story when markets are not performing so well and uncertainty abounds. Here are our 9 tips to investing.......